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Stillman Building Contracting Redesigns Website

The Stillman Building Contracting website was redesigned in July, 2015 to reflect the company’s 25 years in business. The new site incorporates a modern design, responsive design technology, added content, and is now fully compatible with mobile devices. 

GORMANSTON, IRELAND (Hold for Release Until 13/08/2015)                                                                         13th August, 2015

The first phase of a brand identity project was undertaken in July 2015 with a review and refresh of Stillman Building Contracting’s current website. While the previous website design had served us well, it began to look dated and did not properly facilitate the way in which potential clients and stakeholders access information online.

What’s changed?

The main navigation has been revised and now has four main areas (excluding the Home and Contact pages):

About Us (history, our team, what makes us different)

Services (detailed information about what we do)



Also, a table found in the ‘Contact Us’ section provides an easily accessible list of important contact details.

• A site-wide footer is designed to help users keep up to date on our most recent projects, while also providing important contact information

• Pages in the new site scale to your screen size and are optimised for mobile and tablet use

• The Portal feature allows for easy access to email accounts remotely from any device

Added content provides potential clients with a detailed overview of Stillman Building Contracting’s capabilities across a range of sectors, including residential, commercial, and public works.

Created with the knowledge that mobile devices are a primary tool in accessing the web, the updated website has been designed using the latest technology so that the site is compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices.

On the redesigned Stillman Building Contracting website, visitors can also stay informed with the latest company news, and the construction industry as a whole. The News section features the latest announcements, and opinion pieces from industry experts.

While the redesigned website launched on Wednesday 5th August, 2015, it will take some time to migrate detailed project information and relevant photos over to the new site. Please bear with us.

Visit the new Stillman Building Contracting website at


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